Health & Safety

BKS & Co also recognizes its duties under the prevailing Environmental legislation to ensure that the impact of our undertaking on the environment is at as low a level as is practicable.  We will take all practicable steps to meet, and, where required, exceed, our statutory duties at all times. 


To facilitate the implementation of this Policy, BKS & Co will, when required, utilise the services of a professional Health, Safety and Environmental Organisation to provide advice and assistance in the implementation of our obligations in these areas. In order to implement this Policy, BKS & Co has developed, made available for all relevant persons and will review, this Safety Statement and Work Method Statements.


All work methods, areas, substances and equipment shall be subjected to risk assessment in consultation with our employees to eliminate or minimise HS&E risks. Existing equipment shall also be subject to regular inspection and maintenance and training, information, instruction or supervision for its use shall be provided.  We shall also fully cooperate with the site procedures and emergency procedures of our Clients

The Forepersons will be responsible and accountable to ensure that issues are identified, reported and controlled and Employees have the resources needed for this.


All Employees are required to cooperate through compliance with procedures, reporting issues they become aware of and using information and skills imparted through training.When working on client sites, Employees will be expected to comply with the site safety and environmental requirements and report any issue or incident to the client contact person.  They are expected to use their judgment and withdraw if they feel that their health and safety is being unreasonably compromised or that their actions would compromise environmental considerations.We will provide the necessary resources and provide such information, instruction and training as is necessary to ensure the full implementation of this policy, and the Director will give full backing to all those committed to achieving the policy objectives.  


We are committed to continuous improvement of activities which have an impact on the environment.

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